Our first class!

On Saturday we had our first ever class and it was wonderful! It was so nice to finally hang out with the girls after talking about them for two years! The first class was a moveHER class and Nena had us working harder than we had in a long time! Between the nutrition lessons, sack races, bush ups and even watching the Olympics we all learned about getting and staying healthy and having fun while we do it.

Deja killed us all in the sack race but we comforted ourselves by remembering that she’s a track star.

moveHER chair Nena had more fun on the floor than hopping in the sack race.

Our volunteer coordinator, the new Mrs. Squires, got into post-honeymoon shape with a few sit ups. Want to volunteer with us? Sign up HERE!

Adorable Priscilla rocked the hula hoop and looked peaceful while she did it. She may have invented hula hoop yoga.

leadHER chair Jazmyn had a blast with the hula hoop.

When we weren’t sweating it up, Nena was teaching us how to read nutrition labels, about proper serving sizes and even giving the girls adorable water bottles for class workouts!

We had a blast in our first class and can’t wait to see the girls again. Up next? The girls start school soon and our teacher liaison, Ms. Evers and I are throwing them a pizza party and talking about the semester. Then our leadHER class is coming up where the girls will get to have a scavenger hunt and learn about leadership skills! So exciting that we’re finally getting started!


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