Class #2: leadHER!

Today we had an amazing class that was a blast for everyone. Our leadHER chair, Jazmyn Singleton, taught an incredible leadership class that covered everything from leadership characteristics to standing up to peer pressure to a fabulous scavenger hunt. The girls had a blast and it was amazing to watch Jazmyn take the germ of an idea and turn it into a valuable experience that every young girl should have.

But enough talk, here are the pictures, and check out the fabulous t-shirts made for us by Soulsquad!

Class is held at the amazing Womble Carlyle who not only let us use their beautiful space but even sponsor healthy lunches for the girls!

Jazmyn, our leadHER chair, read an amazing story about peer pressure.

Keiseana and LaQuesha are natural leaders and active participants in the group.

Amazing Naima from Womble hung out with our class, she and our VMiT coordinator Stephanie made up a new word, “swaggerific”. I think it applies.

Priscilla read her letter to her future self. The girls’ letters were surprisingly heartfelt and intense. Our MiTs have big dreams and a belief in themselves that’s unusual for 14!

Our MiT handbooks are the physical representation of everything our MiTs are learning. Today they wrote letters to their future selves and they also found words that represent the kind of leader they want to be.

The girls chose their own names and Team Awesome certainly was. For schoolHER they found two girls wearing Baylor shirts to pose with them!

This team couldn’t decide on a name so they created a mash-up, “Team FabuMind MiT”. We didn’t ask… but where they confused us with the name, their pictures were faaaabulous. This is their picture for schoolHER. I think ANTM will be calling soon!

To represent moveHER, Team Awesome took pictures of Deja “smoking”! This is so obviously not something MiTs do.

Team FMM had a blast at a sports shop, for moveHER they went with a bit of a retro workout theme.

For leadHER, Team Awesome took a picture next to our 4th favorite Obama (after FLOTUS and the weeMichelles of course!), the President. Well… maybe 5th favorite, after Bo!

The showHER picture was supposed to be something the girls have never seen in DC before. Team FMM didn’t have to travel far, they chose the Womble bulldog! It looks like he recently enjoyed some Chinese food…

For hireHER, Team Awesome convinced a shop owner to let them take a picture behind the desk! That’s true leadership.

For brandHER the girls had the option to take a picture at a fancy restaurant. Team FMM stopped at a sushi restaurant. Keiseana is really rocking those chopsticks!

Team Awesome was on fire and took two pictures for each subject! In their second moveHER photo, they’re trying out their yoga skills outside of a Dupont Circle studio.

Team Awesome had a volunteer worthy of the name. Donna was involved, supportive, and had a blast with the girls. We hope she comes back!

For brandHER, Team Awesome had to pull out their Spanish skills to ask this stylish couple from Spain if they could take a picture with them. They looked so good, the couple took their own picture!

Team FMM was lucky to have Shamelle as a volunteer. As a health and fitness expert, Shamelle was the perfect person to take the girls around the city in the hot sun!

Team Awesome won MVP for this amazing photograph. They recruited some art direction in Dupont Circle and after several attempts, came up with this perfect picture!

The girls had an amazing time today and, most importantly, they learned a lot about leadership and what it takes to be the leaders they want to be. Next week is career day and we can’t wait! But for now, the girls have their second week of school ahead of them. Good luck!


2 thoughts on “Class #2: leadHER!

  1. AMAZING!!! So proud of you, my daughter, for sharing your big heart and intelligence with our young women! These are fantastic women in the making…congratulations!

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