hireHER: Career Day!

Career Day is finally here and we are so excited! We’ve been looking forward to this for months and months and thanks to our amaaaazing hireHER chair, Angel McNeil (yes, that’s her name but she is one too!), LaToya Grant, a good friend and the person representing our sponsors at Benevole, and Tabaq, my new favorite place on U Street, the event was a success! Of course, I can’t forget the amazing professional women who came in to talk to our girls about how to achieve their dream jobs and completely inspired them, and of course our amazing girls!

Angel & LaToya came up with a fabulously creative format for Career Day- speed dating! The girls sat at tables with our professional women for about five minutes each and got to talk and ask questions before the buzzer went off and they switched. After they spoke to all of the women the girls filled out forms saying which woman they wanted to have brunch with and they were paired with them for our amazing meal provided by Tabaq.

After lunch, there was a little time for more talk and then the professional women left and our girls sat right down to write thank you notes! We believe strongly in stationery and stamps at MiT. =)

Everyone agreed that our girls are amazing and I am already completely obsessed with them. They’re smart, funny, ambitious and are so excited about spending the next three years changing their lives with MiT! I love them! Here are the pics so you can love them too.

Career speed dating!

Keiseana was eager to learn about becoming an engineer.

The delicious breakfast provided by Tabaq!

Our marvelous schoolHER Advisory Board member, Darla Bunting, came out to support!

At the end of the day, the girls were exhausted!

Angel and Latoya put on an amazing event for us!

The group!


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