Fashion & Yoga

Saturday’s class was hilarious. Board member Kiah Rhode taught the girls about personal style, what is and isn’t an MiT thing to wear in different situations (including why a sweatsuit may not be the best thing to wear on a first date, even if it does match). They heard from the fashion director of Neon V magazine, Kimee Brown, who was awesome and the girls loooved getting to hear from a bona fide fashionista. They also made lookbooks and learned a lot about their own personal style and what kind of options are out there besides their usual t-shirt and jeans/matching sweatsuit ensembles. The biggest lesson of the day? TIGHTS ARE NOT PANTS.

After class the girls had a yoga lesson by the very fun and very zen Tori Gordon, yoga instructor to the stars. Or, at least, she will be soon! The girls were surprised at how much they enjoyed it and at least two of them are future yogis in the making. All in all, a great class and a great end to a VERY busy September. Our next class isn’t for a few weeks and we can’t wait!


Stephanie and the girls had fun making their look books.

Kimee Brown held the girls’ attention with stories of fashion and style.

Janazjia explained why cheetah nail polish made her feel unique.

Amina Gilyard helped the girl find outfits to fit their personal styles.

The girls stretched and twisted in yoga.

Priscilla was in the yoga zone.

Don’t let this picture fool you, they didn’t hold the tree pose for long!


Tori showed the girls my favorite pose: Warrior Woman.

Thanks so much to Kimee and Tori, we had a great time!


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