schoolHER and Zumba!

On Saturday we had an amazing class thanks to our wonderful schoolHER chair, Angel McNeil. The girls learned what their learning styles are, how to set long-term and short-term goals, and even how to make a study plan. Most importantly, they spent some quality time with their new calendars and learned how to schedule and keep track of their responsibilities. This is something we are all excited about.

Ever the innovator, Angel even had the girls create their own Pinterest boards and choose the pictures that reflect their goals! You can check them out here!

For moveHER, the girls learned Zumba from the amazing Candace Crews, an incredible Zumba teacher who I cannot recommend enough. If you’re interested in taking a class that can even get a bunch of teenage girls totally in the zone (and even sweating!), email Candace at You’ll love her.

Here are some pics from our fabulous class!

Stephanie and LaQuesha build a Pinterest board. LaQuesha forgot her glasses so she’s wearing Stephanie’s!

The girls take learning style quizzes with our amazing volunteers.

Angel teaching an awesome class!

Lunchtime! The girls loved their Chipotle! Thanks Womble!

Time for Zumba with our amazing instructor, Candace!

Our volunteers look fabulous shaking it and burning calories at the same time!

The girls were fabulous and got a serious workout!



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