Photo Day!

On Saturday we had the amazing experience of taking the girls for a professional photo shoot. Thanks to the incredible skills of our incredible volunteers, board and advisory board members and the spirit and talent of our amazing girls, we had an incredible day and have a lot of gorgeous pictures to show for it.

HUGE shout outs go to:

  • Kalik at for the amazing studio!
  • Makeup artist extraordinaire Sydne Kersey@kingmeeee_
  • The most patient hair stylist ever Monisha Merriweather– Instagram: moecaramel
  • Planet Maud and Tari Boutique for the AMAZING clothes
  • Janice Wallace, our amazing advisory board member and Editor-in-Chief of Facon Magazine for styling the photos like a pro!
  • And the incredible amazing Lee Negroni, photographer to the stars (and MiTs)!

And now the gorgeous photos!

Priscilla and Keiseana with our amazing photographer, Lee.

The board and the girls!


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