Project Armed and Dangerous

MiT has been so incredibly lucky in the last few weeks.

Our girls are doing incredibly well.


We were on PBS!

We got a mention in the Washington Post!

And we met the amazing Desy Osunsade! Desy works with an organization called Black Benefactors and we met at a young philanthropist happy hour. After I told Desy about MiT and our amazing girls, she decided to help out! Desy was especially struck by the huge digital divide that our girls are facing and decided to do something about it. So, she’s using her birthday as an opportunity to raise money to donate computers to MiT! How amazing is that? She’s calling it “Project Armed and Dangerous” and we could NOT be more excited to have the support and incredible generosity of someone as incredible as Desy.

If you’d like to join Desy on her quest to close the digital divide at MiT, you can donate using the button on the side. ——————————->

All funds received will go towards Desy’s project!

Thanks so much for being our hero Desy!!

kat & MiT


schoolHER: Planning and Study Skills, Part II

Saturday’s class was all about planning and study skills. After the introductory lesson last semester, schoolHER Chair Angel McNeil took things a step further and bought the girls beautiful new planners for them to start actually writing down their assignments, their tests, and especially planning the number of hours they want to study each week and then scheduling work blocks each day. And since three out of our seven girls made honor roll, we know we’re doing well but we have a lot of work to do!

Thanks Angel for a great class.

photo 4

Angel showing the girls their pretty new planners.

photo 1Kiah, Keiseana and Priscilla. Keiseana is giving her best angry face.

photo 3Keiseana’s long and short-term goals. Note the teacher melting when she gets an A!

photo 2

Angel and Fanta, deep into the lesson.

Special Trip to 28 Days

28 days

One of the things we get to do this semester, now that the girls have had their first semester of “basic training”, is go out on special events with a few girls at a time. I am especially excited about this, the girls are amazing and I have really been looking forward to spending some bonding time!

For our first special outing, PR Chair LaToya Grant and I took Fanta and Janazjia to the AT&T 28 Days Black History talk with Kevin Powell. After picking up the girls from school we hopped on the Metro up to Lincoln Theatre on U St. Mr. Powell gave an inspiring speech tailored perfectly for the younger crowd. He spoke about knowing your history, caring about what you put in your body, and pursuing an education. The girls loved it, they even took video of him speaking to show their friends!

Our next outing will be taking the girls who made honor roll (Fanta, Deja and Briana!) to dinner with one of our Advisory Board members. They can’t wait!photo 1

LaToya and the girls!

photo 2

Kevin Powell


Our very first MiT of the Month!

We have a new thing here at Michelle in Training. The girls are doing incredibly well, the first semester went (mostly) as planned, we learned a lot and shifted and pivoted and adjusted as needed and discovered more about how teenage girls operate than we had imagined. We were thrilled at the end of the semester and excited about starting again after the break. However, there was one thing that was missing. Try as we might, we hadn’t found a way to connect what the girls were learning in MiT with how they were behaving in school and the outside world. We needed something to help make the connection.

Enter: Ms Evers, amazing Dunbar teacher and our wonderful teacher liaison. She came up with the brilliant idea to start having an MiT of the Month and it’s amazing. Each month the MiTs’ teachers rate the girls on a rubric based on our six subject areas (swagHER, brandHER, leadHER, moveHER, schoolHER, hireHER) and the girl with the highest score is selected MiT of the Month. As a reward, she gets a special outing with Kat and another board member or advisory board member to the theatre or a sports game or perhaps a nice dinner out or a special event, depending on the month. She also gets the pride of knowing that her teachers think she’s amazing and that she’s an incredible example.

We loved the idea so we started it without telling the girls and yesterday we announced our very first MiT of the Month before they even knew the program had started. And who is our amazing first selection?



We are so proud of Janazjia. Her teachers raved about how respectful and responsible she is, that she never gets caught up in the silliness of the class, that she works hard and her work is high quality, she is kind, helpful, always looks wonderful and is a great example to all. Basically, she’s the perfect MiT. We’re working on a special surprise for Janazjia right now and there will be pictures soon! But for now, congratulations Janazjia, and keep up the incredible work!


National Day of Service!

MiT celebrated MLK Day and the Inauguration by participating in the Yes We Can End Illiteracy! National Day of Service project. We woke up very, very early (kudos to our 15-year-olds who were all almost on time!) and went to Malcolm X Elementary School where we served breakfast to the volunteers and helped two preschool teachers prepare their classrooms for the next unit. And congrats to Kezia Williams of Capital Cause and the rest of the committee for planning a phenomenal day of service!

photo 1

Serving breakfast to a hungry crowd.

photo 2

Cutting out shapes for the restaurant theme.

photo 3

More Cutting!

photo 4

Wiping preschooler germs off the mats.