Special Trip to 28 Days

28 days

One of the things we get to do this semester, now that the girls have had their first semester of “basic training”, is go out on special events with a few girls at a time. I am especially excited about this, the girls are amazing and I have really been looking forward to spending some bonding time!

For our first special outing, PR Chair LaToya Grant and I took Fanta and Janazjia to the AT&T 28 Days Black History talk with Kevin Powell. After picking up the girls from school we hopped on the Metro up to Lincoln Theatre on U St. Mr. Powell gave an inspiring speech tailored perfectly for the younger crowd. He spoke about knowing your history, caring about what you put in your body, and pursuing an education. The girls loved it, they even took video of him speaking to show their friends!

Our next outing will be taking the girls who made honor roll (Fanta, Deja and Briana!) to dinner with one of our Advisory Board members. They can’t wait!photo 1

LaToya and the girls!

photo 2

Kevin Powell



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