Project Armed and Dangerous

MiT has been so incredibly lucky in the last few weeks.

Our girls are doing incredibly well.


We were on PBS!

We got a mention in the Washington Post!

And we met the amazing Desy Osunsade! Desy works with an organization called Black Benefactors and we met at a young philanthropist happy hour. After I told Desy about MiT and our amazing girls, she decided to help out! Desy was especially struck by the huge digital divide that our girls are facing and decided to do something about it. So, she’s using her birthday as an opportunity to raise money to donate computers to MiT! How amazing is that? She’s calling it “Project Armed and Dangerous” and we could NOT be more excited to have the support and incredible generosity of someone as incredible as Desy.

If you’d like to join Desy on her quest to close the digital divide at MiT, you can donate using the button on the side. ——————————->

All funds received will go towards Desy’s project!

Thanks so much for being our hero Desy!!

kat & MiT


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