Our Subjects

MiT is breaking down the barriers to success for DC’s high school girls through mentoring, cultural experiences and a rigorous curriculum designed to immerse them in the MiT skills: social intelligence, health & wellness and leadership.

swagHER helps the MiTs find a personal style that is both unique and creative while still professional and appropriate for every situation.
“Real world style for every situation.”
With brandHER, the MiTs learn modern day etiquette to help create an outgoing and more polished self.
“New rules for modern girls.”
moveHER is all about teaching the MiTs that living active and healthy lives is not only necessary but can also be fun.
“Great health for a great life.”
In leadHER the MiTs learn the principals of leadership through self-awareness, responsibility and service.
“Leadership. In the community and in the world.”
schoolHER teaches the MiTs not only that their education comes first, but that they have the power to ensure their own success.
“Empowering your own education.”
hireHER teaches the MiTs that the world is bigger than they think it is and that they have the tools they need to realize their dreams.
“Job. Career. Life.”
showHER takes the MiTs out of the classroom and into the real world where they can practice their new skills in the city around them.
“Takin’ it to the streets.”

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