About Us

What does it take to make a leader?


That’s the question we asked when we started MiT. How do we take smart, ambitious, enthusiastic and promising high school girls and help mold them into the leaders of tomorrow? What’s missing in their formal education and training today that will help them storm the world tomorrow? We searched and queried and did our market research and came up with a list of skills that girls in high schools, especially urban high schools, just aren’t learning. We made them our core values:

Social Intelligence


Cultural Awareness

Educational Curiosity

Civic Responsibility

Personal Branding

We call them the MiT skills. These are the skills that, when added to intelligence, skill, ambition, drive, and relentlessness make what we call The MiT Girl. The girl who knows who she is, what she wants, and how to get it. The girl who is elegant, confident, respectful and experienced. The girl who constantly seeks new learning, new experiences, and new opportunities to serve. The girl, who, like the Patron Saint of MiT once was, is a Michelle in Training.

After three years we have learned, grown and loved our girls completely. And now we are taking our love and lessons across the city, partnering with the Girl Scouts, DC Web Women and more. We’ll bring mentorship, STEM and coding, financial literacy, health and wellness, leadership, and global experience to girl leaders all over the country.

Join us, and be a Michelle to a girl today.