Our very first MiT of the Month!

We have a new thing here at Michelle in Training. The girls are doing incredibly well, the first semester went (mostly) as planned, we learned a lot and shifted and pivoted and adjusted as needed and discovered more about how teenage girls operate than we had imagined. We were thrilled at the end of the semester and excited about starting again after the break. However, there was one thing that was missing. Try as we might, we hadn’t found a way to connect what the girls were learning in MiT with how they were behaving in school and the outside world. We needed something to help make the connection.

Enter: Ms Evers, amazing Dunbar teacher and our wonderful teacher liaison. She came up with the brilliant idea to start having an MiT of the Month and it’s amazing. Each month the MiTs’ teachers rate the girls on a rubric based on our six subject areas (swagHER, brandHER, leadHER, moveHER, schoolHER, hireHER) and the girl with the highest score is selected MiT of the Month. As a reward, she gets a special outing with Kat and another board member or advisory board member to the theatre or a sports game or perhaps a nice dinner out or a special event, depending on the month. She also gets the pride of knowing that her teachers think she’s amazing and that she’s an incredible example.

We loved the idea so we started it without telling the girls and yesterday we announced our very first MiT of the Month before they even knew the program had started. And who is our amazing first selection?



We are so proud of Janazjia. Her teachers raved about how respectful and responsible she is, that she never gets caught up in the silliness of the class, that she works hard and her work is high quality, she is kind, helpful, always looks wonderful and is a great example to all. Basically, she’s the perfect MiT. We’re working on a special surprise for Janazjia right now and there will be pictures soon! But for now, congratulations Janazjia, and keep up the incredible work!