A Pin a Day: Day 24


One more day and I’m hungry so I’m thinking about all of the amazing healthy food we’ll be teaching our girls to know and love as part of moveHER. Mmmmm… avocado…


A Pin a Day: Day 23


From mock interviews to resume writing to inter-office skills, we’ll be teaching our girls everything they need to get their dream job, keep it, and break the glass ceiling. bit.ly/25days25girls

A Pin a Day: Day 22

Source: google.com via Michelle in Training on Pinterest

Still at Disneyland, still have Princesses on the brain. And the new Snow White in Mirror Mirror is a tough, smart girl who wins the day… with the help of a few friends. Love it. Very MiT.

A Pin a Day: Day 21


On this beautiful spring day, I can’t help but think about how important it is that our girls don’t just learn to explore the urban world around them, but the beauty of the natural world as well. It’s hard to miss in the city sometimes but it is well worth looking for. bit.ly/25days25girls

A Pin a Day: Day 19


You know what I love about Princess Tiana? Everything. But especially that she worked hard, dreamed big, didn’t wait on a prince to save her, but let him be a partner when she did (after the whole frog thing…). A great role model for everyone, especially our MiTs. bit.ly/25days25girls

A Pin A Day: Day 18


I’m driving across Iowa today and realizing how much I want our MiTs to love to travel and see the country! For me, freedom is on the highway. Route 66 anyone? bit.ly/25days25girls